I love working with brides, event planners... well anyone to make the perfect arrangement. These flowers are a lasting momento of your wedding day or other special event. And there are always flowers, just because.They're also the perfect gift for a first anniversary as the traditional first anniversary gift is paper!

Oh and one other thing before we dive into the flowers: If you like the fabric covered notebooks, but want them in a different color scheme -- let me know!

Getting started
Please contact me with as much detail as possible:

-Color schemes (with links to swatches, if possible!)
-Types of flowers (for the time being, bouquets will be limited to roses, poppies and button flowers)
-Desired items (i.e. bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, hair wreaths/pins, centerpiece, etc.)
-Size of overall order
-Types of embellishments
-Deadline date (will be taken into consideration when setting the price)
-Anything else you think would be important for me to know.

Start this process as soon as possible -- at least two weeks for smaller orders (~dozen bouquet) and three months for large wedding orders.

Keep in mind due to my other jobs and commitments, I will not be able to accept every request. Also, if you are unsure of whether to commit to a large order or would just like to see my flowers physically, samples of just a few flowers can be ordered.

After getting a good idea of what you would like, I will let you know an estimate of how much the order will cost. If you accept, a non-refundable 50 percent downpayment will be paid, once details are settled. The other 50 percent and shipping will be paid after final approval.

While there is some flexibility (see below), you will not be able to change the color scheme. I make nearly all the paper for the flowers myself and it takes quite a bit of work and time.

For smaller items, such as boutonnieres and corsages, photos of samples will be sent for approval. Up to three revisions will be allowed before the rest of the pieces will be made.

For large items, such as bouquets, photos of smaller versions of the bouquet (i.e. three roses + small flowers, instead of the full dozen) will be sent. Again, up to three revisions will be allowed.